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Xiu Tu Chapter 22

After the universe was first created, the overflowing divine power diffused and gradually turned into various divine weapons that circulated in the bloody world. Dark arrows that could penetrate walls, umbrellas that could summon giant whales, lances that could turn snowy mountains into lava... The father and son must defeat the masters who had these...

Versatile Mage action

Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage. Our Hero, Mo Fan, Inherits A Magical Necklace — The Next Day, He Wakes Up To Find That The World Has Changed. His High School Now Teaches Magic, And Students Are Encouraged To Try And Become Accomplished Magicians. The World That Ran On Science Is Now Going On Magic. Some Things Are Still The Same, However. He Still Has A Teacher Who Sees Him As A Hopeless Student, Classmates Who Look The Same, A Father Who Struggles To Make Ends Meet, And A Little Sister Who Can&#ffcc66;t Walk On Her Own. But Mo Fan Discovers That The Vast Majority Of Magicians Can Only Use One Element Of Magic. But As Luck Would Have It, He&#ffcc66;s An Exception — A Versatile Mage!

Martial Peak action

Martial Peak

Martial Peak. The Path To The Martial Peak Is Long, Lonely And Solitary. You Must Live In The Face Of Hardship, And Remain Unyielding. Only Then Will You Break Through To Become The Best, And Start On Your Journey. Sky Tower Is Testing Its Followers To Train Them For This Trip In The Harshest Ways. One Day, Yang Kai, The Lowly Sweeper, Managed To Get A Black Book, Putting Him On The Way To The World Of Martials.

Solo Leveling action

Solo Leveling

10 Years Ago, After The Gate That Connected The Real World With The Monster World Opened, Some Of The Ordinary, Everyday People Received The Power To Hunt Monsters Within The Gate. They May Be Known As "Hunters". However, Not All Hunters Are Powerful. My Name Is Sung Jin-Woo, An E-rank Hunter. I Am Someone Who Has To Risk His Life In The Lowliest Of Dungeons, The "World&#ffcc66;s Weakest". Having No Skills Whatsoever To Display, I Barely Earned The Required Money By Fighting In Low-leveled Dungeons At Least Until I Found A Hidden Dungeon With The Hardest Difficulty Within The D-rank Dungeons! In The End, As I Was Accepting Death, I Suddenly Received A Strange Power, A Quest Log That Only I Could See, A Secret To Leveling Up That Only I Know About! If I Trained In Accordance With My Quests And Hunted Monsters, My Level Would Rise. Changing From The Weakest Hunter To The Strongest S-rank Hunter!

Apotheosis action


Apotheosis. Zen Luo, The Luo Family&#ffcc66;s Former Young Lord, Is Now A Humble Slave Whose Father Died, And A Wealthy Secta Holding Younger Sister In Custody. Both Physically And Psychologically He Has Suffered So Much. But His Life Began To Get Better When He Found The Technique Of Secret Weapon Formation In His Father&#ffcc66;s Book.

Tales Of Demons And Gods action

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Nie Li, The Most Powerful Demon Spiritist In His Previous Existence Remaining At The Peak Of The Military World Matched By None, Lost His Life During The Fight With Sage Emperor And The Six Divinity Monster. Death Came But His Spirit Was Then Renewed Back In Time Back To When He Is Only 13 Years Old. Tests Show He&#ffcc66;s The Least Talented And Most Vulnerable In His Group With The His Ability Showing A Mere Red Soul Domain. However With The Guide Of The Wealth Of Information Which He Amassed From His Past Life, He Quickly Surpassed Everybody Around Him. Attempting To Ensure The City Which In The Coming Future Was Being Attacked By Monster And Wound Up Being Decimated While Also Securing His Sweetheart, Loved Ones Who Died In Battle During By The Monster Attack. Also, To Pulverize The Sacred Family Who Neglected Their Oath To Protect Deceiving The City During His Past Life.

Tokyo Manji Revengers action

Tokyo Manji Revengers

Tokyo Manji Revengers. Takemichi Hanagaki&#ffcc66;s Life Is At Its Lowest Point. Just When He Thought Things Couldn&#ffcc66;t Get Worse, Hinata Tachibana, His Ex-girlfriend, Was Murdered By The Tokyo Manji Gang. A Gang Of Cold-blooded Criminals That Has Been Causing Chaos For Quite Some Time. Trying To Figure Out Where It All Went Wrong, Takemichi Finds Himself Travelling Through Time To 12 Years Ago. A Time When He Was Still With Hinata. Realizing He Has A Chance To Save Her, Takemichi Decides To Infiltrate The Gang And Change The Future.

Tomb Raider King action

Tomb Raider King

The Story Of See Joo-Heon, A 38-year-old Man Who Feels He&#ffcc66;s Going To Die. The Tombs Appeared All Over The World In The Year 2025. These Tombs Caused Major Earthquakes As They Appeared, And Within These Tombs Were Things Known As &#ffcc66;relics.&#ffcc66; Tomb Raider King. The Tombs Of God Have Begun To Appear All Over The World. Due To The Relics Within These Tombs, Many Have Been Able To Use This Legendary Power For Themselves, While Others Have Been Enslaved To These Users. However, With The Aim Of Stealing These Relics, A Tomb Raider Appears. "Oh, God, Damn It! Did That Son Of A Bitch Already Loot This Place As Well?! "What You Own Is Mine. What I Really Own Belongs To Me. This Is The Story Of A Revived Tomb Raider Who&#ffcc66;s Going To Do Whatever He Can To Claim All The Tombs And Relics For Himself!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator action

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator. Chen Fanyu Died In The Midst Of The Celestial Tribulation, Having Achieved The Peak Of The World Of Agriculture In Less Than 500 Years. Somehow, Following The Loss Of His Cultivation Base, He Was Able To Return To His Youth As A College Student Living On Earth.


Top Full-Color Comic

All popular manga titles readers love. Top manhwa titles and top manhua titles for your pleasure.

Target: 100 Million Points! The Ultimate Game To Start A 2nd Life! manhwa

Target: 100 Million Points! The Ultimate Game To Start A 2nd Life!

After his friend&#ffcc66;s tragic death, Xie Yu plunged himself into the world of games. One day, a mobile game called "The Ultimate Game" appeared on his phone. When he learned that the game can grant any wish and even revive the dead, he decided to set 100 million points as his goal. The otaku&#ffcc66;s second life begins!

Xiu Tu manhua

Xiu Tu

After the universe was first created, the overflowing divine power diffused and gradually turned into various divine weapons that circulated in the bloody world. Dark arrows that could penetrate walls, umbrellas that could summon giant whales, lances that could turn snowy mountains into lava... The father and son must defeat the masters who had these supreme divine weapons in order to find their family enemy and undo their centuries-old curse.

Throne Of The Dragon King manhwa

Throne Of The Dragon King

A transmigration out of the blue and he had reincarnated as the Eldest Crown Prince of the Eastern Dragon Palace, Ao Fan. He had to inherit the Eastern Dragon Palace and become the next Eastern Dragon King. At the time of the crisis, Ao Fan discovered the existence of the system and activated it which brings him lots of items and points! "Deities killing one another, fighting anyone I meet on the way. I&#ffcc66;ll defeat anyone who refuses to comply with me!" He swore to lead the Dragon Clan to rise again and contend for hegemony among the divine investitures!

Villain Initialization manhua

Villain Initialization

The villain Ling Chen has a history of hate and violence with the hero, Ye Zimu. Out of nowhere, a reset triggered Ling Chen to return to when he was 17 years old! He has a chance to stop the hero in his path, before Ye Zimu grows to become his worst enemy...

The All-devouring Whale manhua

The All-devouring Whale

It all started with a whale, whose cultivation was all about swallowing things. This was a fantasy world crowded with spiritual monsters. Fan Lingxiao, the chief of Sky Vagabond, grew a little catfish into an all-devouring whale and became a world-famous spirit master. However, the whale somehow failed in combat and turned into a cruel zombie whale that swallowed Fan Lingxiao. When he woke up, everything had change...

The Plan For Being Gods manhwa

The Plan For Being Gods

Before the deification after the War of the Shang and the Zhou, Jiang Ziya fell asleep accidentally. One thousand years had passed when he woke up. To complete the deification, Jiang Ziya started looking for god-to-be in the modern world to once again fight with the enemies from a thousand years ago. The enemies were ready, but the modern gods were busy enjoying their lives and refused to be deities...

Demon King's Rules X Witch's Covenant manhwa

Demon King's Rules X Witch's Covenant

Warning! An association of valiant individuals formed by the villainous demon lord and the rebellious witches has surfaced! Through casual methods of operation, they will turn the definition of justice upside down! By committing crimes across dimensions, they will ultimately snatch the halo of the main characters away from the hands of pesky humans!

Martial God Asura manhua

Martial God Asura

The young Chu Feng was always seen as an insult to the Chu family due to his weak physique. One day he decides he&#ffcc66;s had enough of it, and in order to reclaim his father&#ffcc66;s name and save his mother, he decides to get stronger no matter what.

Craftsman manhua


Cheng Shan, a mysterious one-armed young man, travels around the world with his companion, a young girl named Ming Cai, in search of a miraculous medicine, the "Faded Dragon Scale". The theft of the black umbrella from the imperial palace resulted in heavy sins. Due to past relations to the black umbrella, Cheng Shan and Ming Cai decide to search for the black umbrella and recover it. However, after several twists and turns where their lives were in danger, they find that the matter is not as simple as they thought. Will Cheng Shan finally be able to unravel all mysteries and distinguish good from evil? Will he be able to escape unscathed from the lethal threats and dangers lurking in every corner, and eventually find the Faded Dragon Scale? dragon? Or, is there a greater conspiracy behind this? In this life, he is destined to be unable to hide and have no other option but to fight with his life because he is... The Craftsman.

The Martial Emperor's Life After Seclusion manhwa

The Martial Emperor's Life After Seclusion

Ever since he transversed into the realm, he turned into an adorable, lovely, androgynous man, who is coveted by many. Fortunately, Ling Ge has a mysterious physique and his strength automatically grows. After touring around Eastern China and finally suppressing the western gods in a single battle, he has been called the Martial Emperor since then. Subsequently, the androgynous martial emperor has been living in seclusion. Nonetheless, he became friends with a young loli, and the androgynous Martial Emperor came out of seclusion again!

The Daily Life Of Immortal King manhwa

The Daily Life Of Immortal King

This comic is an adaptation of Ku Xuan&#ffcc66;s novel of the same title!! In an era of cultivation, everyone was working hard to fly on their swords and become immortals. But Wang Ling was different! Magic arts? Cultivation? Pills? He could not care less, but his cultivation level was soaring abnormally. 3 years old, he could ride a sword; 7 years old, he became an immortal. Though he wanted to lay low, his plan did not work out in an ordinary high school! He accidentally became the focus! It was so tiring... Alas... Being invincible was so lonely. Just let me waste my life with my crispy instant noodle. The life of the strong was so dull... And boring... And... Gummed up - - | | |"

Yuan Long manhwa

Yuan Long

Special Forces Wang Sheng traveled to the soul world and was possessed by the waste carp Yuan soul, becoming a veritable waste person in the soul world. Wang Sheng used the knowledge he had learned in the world of master spirits like Yun Yuan to pass the battle, and even found a way to evolve the waste carp Yuan soul! The sparrow becomes a phoenix, and the carp leaps to the dragon gate. Wang Sheng has embarked on a road of Jackie Chan from the sinister soul dispute!

A Record Of A Mortal's Journey To Immortality manhwa

A Record Of A Mortal's Journey To Immortality

The village boy Han Li was born poor. To subsidize households expenses,he joins the Qixuanmen Sect. Because of his spiritual roots, he was accepted as a disciple by the mysterious Doctor Mo and started to practice "Changchun Gong" arts under his mentorship. Although his qualifications are mediocre, Han Li embarked on the dangerous road of immortal cultivation with his unyielding will and a mysterious vial picked up by accident.

Cultivate With A Fairy manhwa

Cultivate With A Fairy

Lu Wuyan had been cultivating for a thousand years and become matchless, but why couldn’t he ascend even though people worse than he had ascended to immortality! He couldn’t take that! He wanted to talk about it with a fairy. How on earth could he achieve immortality!?

Post-apocalyptic Dispatch Company manhwa

Post-apocalyptic Dispatch Company

A failed entrepreneurship! A ten million debt! A betrayal! A girlfriend that ran away! He even landed in a pile of trash/rubbish/garbage when he tried to jump off a building! The unlucky Cao Xiaomeng woke up to find himself surrounded by zombies everywhere! The system activates upon the moment of death! Become a post-apocalyptic entrepreneur! The post-apocalyptic dispatch company that hires cute zombie secretaries and mutant beast employees to serve you!

My Wife Is Actually The Empress? manhua

My Wife Is Actually The Empress?

My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. No one can compare to her, not even the new empress! My wife’s cooking skills are superb. No one can compare to her, not even the imperial kitchen! My wife loves me very much, and I would never want anyone else, not even the empress! What? My wife is actually the empress!?

eastern fantasy
I'm Not The Overlord! manhua

I'm Not The Overlord!

I actually reincarnated into a different world and became the Demon King Overlord?! And my task is to destroy humanity! Wait, that ain&#ffcc66;t right. I&#ffcc66;m a pacifist you know? I&#ffcc66;m not like this at all? What? I killed a thousand human army with my energy blast?! That was an accident! It was the relic&#ffcc66;s fault! It&#ffcc66;s all a misunderstanding! Hahaha! Why can&#ffcc66;t we get along nicely? Huh? So what if I&#ffcc66;m the devil? Doesn&#ffcc66;t mean I like doing bad things! Stop annoying me or I will blast you to kingdom come! Wait! Argh! Come on! I&#ffcc66;m not that evil! I&#ffcc66;m not the Overlord!

The Blade Of Evolution Walking Alone In The Dungeon manhua

The Blade Of Evolution Walking Alone In The Dungeon

Although Lu Xin awakens his healer talent, his healing abilities are abysmal. During a dungeon run, Lu Xin&#ffcc66;s entire team gets wiped out, leaving him as the only survivor. He activates the hidden condition "The Last High Priest" and obtains a "two-handed sword". At the same time, he activates the "two-handed sword&#ffcc66;s" development system...

Lord Of Catastrophe manhwa

Lord Of Catastrophe

Known in his high school as "Calamity", the "Lord of Catastrophe" Lin Xiongchen is a high school kid who&#ffcc66;s been bogged down by bad luck for most of his life. Because he is known to "attract bad luck to those who get close to him", he is ostracised by his classmates, which leads to him mastering the incredible ability of reflection which helps him evade all forms of danger. In a situation both thanks to fate and sheer coincidence, Lin Xiongchen finds himself possessed by a Demonic Lute one day. However, the curse of bad luck is simply too overwhelming, even for the demon. In order to survive, the Demonic Lute has no choice but to teach Xiongchen ways to turn the the wheel of fate around to his benefit.

God Gave Me This Awkward Superpower, What Is It For? manhua

God Gave Me This Awkward Superpower, What Is It For?

What a strange dream..."Ding…” My cell phone transformed into a babe after I habitually picked it up to turn off the alarm? I understand now... My superpower is... Transforming the first item I touch with my right hand into a beautiful babe after waking up everyday!

The Sword Of Dawn manhua

The Sword Of Dawn

The main character died in a plane crash accident, he was transported to a strange spatial installation orbiting a strange alien world with a physical body, for over a hundred thousand years he observed the emergence and evolution of life and the formation and fall of civilizations until he woke up in a coffin, the story follows Gawain, the Grand Duke and a founder of the Kingdom of Ansu.

Missy’s Geek Raising Plan manhua

Missy’s Geek Raising Plan

What is the experience of a campus hottie chasing the campus geek? He Fengqi transformed from a dead fat geek into a handsome guy, but was rejected by the beauty! He accidentally discovered that the beauty likes the geek! How will the campus hottie chase her? Anxious and waiting for an answer! Why does the goddess have a unique taste? Is it human nature distorted or forced by life? Read to find out!

City Of Sanctuary manhwa

City Of Sanctuary

This comic is an adaptation of Xiong Bao Bao&#ffcc66;s novel of the same title, City of Sanctuary! Fantasy was a popular VR game sweeping the world. Someone discovered that there was another way to enter the game, to bring the in-game items and skills back to the real world. The whole world was excited. But at the same time, it made death in the game come true. Fang Tian had been in the world of the game for over a decade. When he came back to reality, everything was going on quietly...

Finger Girls manhua

Finger Girls

Fei Ge, a high school student, had nothing but his better-than-average left hand going for him. His greatest wish was for his very own romantic encounter, but it still came as a surprise when the most popular girl in class asked him to have lunch with her at the rooftop! Fei Ge hadn&#ffcc66;t rejoiced for long when he realized things weren&#ffcc66;t as simple as they seemed. A hot-tempered girl, who identified herself as a warrior that protects human love, took residence on his left index finger and sought to kill a monster that Fei Ge learned was called Caterghost. To make matters worse, Fei Ge notices that the other fingers on his left hand were in a similar state of standby...

King Of The Night Market manhua

King Of The Night Market

The World-class agent opened a shop in the night market?! Apart from common folks, my old enemies, friends, and even their daughters drop by for a meal!? I, Li Cheung, welcome everyone, but if ya’ll gonna pull a scheme, then don’t blame me for being uncourteous.

Tonight's Menu: Magical Beasts! manhwa

Tonight's Menu: Magical Beasts!

Food is the best thing in the world. It can let someone feel indescribably wonderful~ The genius Mo Bai once thought that he stood at the peak of the culinary world. However, since his encounter with that person...it opened up a door to a whole new world for him!

Zombie World manhwa

Zombie World

The story was told through the microscopic perspective of an ordinary family of three. From the sudden isolation at the beginning, the struggle to survive after the zombie outbreak, to breaking out of the house for survival and the oasis. It demonstrated the post-apocalyptic world, the spread of the virus, and zombies on the rampage! How could they save themselves and survive in the face of extinction? What would they go through to survive?

God Of Deception manhwa

God Of Deception

It’s not good to have too many vices. You may not know this, but there’s a limit to the vices you can commit. Once you’ve exceeded that limit… You’ll be labeled by the system as a “sinner” and receive punishment from the supervisors!

The Record Of Unusual Creatures manhwa

The Record Of Unusual Creatures

Hal Reynoldz, an ordinary landlord, had a werewolf and a vampire girl living in his house. He got dragged into a mysterious organization by a crazy goddess to save alien creatures. Surprisingly, everything seemed to have been arranged ten thousand years ago, and the goddess who could solve all this was busy getting her year-end bonus..."

I, The Strongest Demon, Have Regained My Youth?! manhwa

I, The Strongest Demon, Have Regained My Youth?!

In order to maintain his rule, Xin Sheng, the eternal demon king who ruled the world, went deep into the demon realm to find the highest and strongest power. Thousands of years later, he has become stronger and younger, and the world has also changed...

Busted! Darklord manhwa

Busted! Darklord

In an attempt for survival, Yu Renjie, the son of the demon lord, was ordered to enter Hero&#ffcc66;s Academy which only recruits distinguished and upright disciples. The goal is to obtain a Hero&#ffcc66;s Certificate which can bring legitimacy to the demon clan. This is extremely dangerous. Once the identity of a demon cultist is exposed, countless righteous knights will kill them on the spot. But on the first day of school, Yu Renjie was shocked to find out that his personal information had been leaked. In order to hide his identity, he had no choice but to put on women&#ffcc66;s clothing. His dangerous and hilarious campus life is about to unfold!

Handling The Demoness And Saintess manhwa

Handling The Demoness And Saintess

"After remarrying, Dad and his beautiful stepmother embarked on a honeymoon abroad, leaving Aunt Qian He, who coincidentally shared the same birth year with San Qiu, to move in. Expecting the start of an unabashed life at first, it never occurred to San Qiu that his aunt was a Demon-slaying Celestial Being. San Qiu himself, much coveted among Demons alike, found himself a constant target by Demons… Not to mention his long-lost childhood friend, Xiao You turned out to be the greatest assassin of the Banished Celestial Agency, an organisation managed by Celestial Beings. Xiao You simply could not stand the sight of Qian He, who came between her and the love of her life… "

Your Distance boys-love

Your Distance

My boyfriend that was 287km away is now 3km away? Professor Bo Chang Yi, used to be good at understanding others, but is now no longer humane. The happiness in Ting Shuang’s heart vanished in an instant, leaving only fear, if you think about it, it seems that there will be disaster in the near future.

Brainless Witch manhua

Brainless Witch

The immortal witch cannot stop her tears after losing what was precious to her once again, while trying to find a way to stop her tears the witch accidentally provokes the prince of hell. This is the start of a chaotic daily life!

Dragon And Phoenix Flip boys-love

Dragon And Phoenix Flip

Fang Minzhu was a small agent in the show business. She was introduced to the most popular idol girl star, Liang Youxi, as a life agent. But Liang Youxi asked for a male agent. Minzhu, who was desperate for work, gritted her teeth and applied as a boy, but Liang Youxi was very secretive. "I chose a boy so I can keep you away from my private life openly." It&#ffcc66;s so strange when an actress said that. In an unexpected situation, Minzhu found out about the secret of Liang Youxi...

Married To A Stupid Eunuch manhua

Married To A Stupid Eunuch

Chen Hui has transmigrated into the body of a girl, who committed suicide by bashing her head against a pillar out of reluctance to get married to a eunuch. The eunuch is insidious and cunning, enigmatic in every way. He&#ffcc66;s cannon fodder, just like the eunuchs depicted in the average TV drama series. In order to ensure her survival, Chen Hui was left with no choice but come up with various schemes to get close to the stupid eunuch, understand him, and gain his favor...

Hundred Demon Spectrum manhwa

Hundred Demon Spectrum

The Ghost doctor sees evil and good as a mystery/riddle. She is the savior of all monsters as well as the nightmare of all monsters. The doctor works outside of this world, in a place where monsters exist, called Peach Capital. And as she tours around, she takes her little monk to go through the world while searching for the "hundred demon spectrum".

Working Overtime To Destroy The World! boys-love

Working Overtime To Destroy The World!

Limbo is a shut-in girl who doesn&#ffcc66;t care for anything except her tentacle comics. Aside from that, everything else is meaningless. On her birthday she wished for the "destruction of the world" and was instead met with a demonic female programmer! The two instantly hit it off, bonding over their common goal of world destruction, the two "project partners" hustle hard everyday to bring the world to an end with hilarious effect.

Treasure- Demon's Museum manhwa

Treasure- Demon's Museum

Luo Luo lost her memory in a jarring car accident, but she was rescued by something not quite human. Her fantastical journey so begins...

My Young Lady Is A Neet manhua

My Young Lady Is A Neet

The daughter of the Li Family has always been mysterious, and it has always been rumored that she&#ffcc66;s a prim and proper, graceful young lady. In reality, however, she is a shut-in otaku who never puts on make up nor brushes her hair, and even has social anxiety. Upon being met with an engagement from Han Group, the young university student-cum-insurance promoter Gu Yuan has been hired to transform this girl into an upper-class young lady. Can he succeed?

Dear Boy, You Dropped Your Integrity manhwa

Dear Boy, You Dropped Your Integrity

I, Pei Zhuopei, direct disciple of the Beggar Sect&#ffcc66;s elder managed to enter the Ace Detective Court with my extraordinary acting skills. I swore to seek vengeance but... hey, hey, that pretty boy senior with the sarcastic mouth over there, who are you calling a scrap-collecting beggar? I will fight you!

Don't Touch Me You Gay Emperor! boys-love

Don't Touch Me You Gay Emperor!

A famous actor named Gu Kai randomly traveled into a parallel universe in the past that is known as the Country of the RoseFinch. In order to save his own life, he became the emperor and began his journey in this parallel universe which often involved: eating and sleeping, fighting evil officials, and protecting his virginity from the Emperor.

slice of life
Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine manhua

Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine

Yu Ziyou and Zhong Wan pledged allegiance to different sovereigns. Both of them were talented people who appreciated each other yet had clashed openly and covertly before. After losing the fight for the throne, Zhong Wan brought his two young masters with him to the distant frontier. For the sake of survival, he relied on that bit of friendship that existed between him and Yu Ziyou when they were young. He borrowed some of his personal belongings while also dropping various hints which made everyone think that there was something intimate going on between them. Given the Yu Clan’s powerful authoritative presence in the imperial court, this layer of relationship allowed Zhong Wan to live a much better life than before indeed. In addition, the stories he cooked up began to seem more and more realistic. As rumors of their lovely romance spread a thousand miles into the horizon, Yu Ziyou, who was located in the distant capital city, eventually caught wind of his deeply moving and epic love affair. Having been completely brainwashed for seven years, Yu Ziyou fell into a trance and believed the stories. It seemed like something special really did happen between them back in those years…

Heaven Official's Blessing boys-love

Heaven Official's Blessing

800 years ago, Xie Lian was a pure-blooded and noble Crown Prince, a well-regarded child of Heaven with unlimited potential. But after his ascension to a Martial God with thousands of followers, his fate took a sharp turn downhill. Demoted, he fell all the way to rock bottom. 800 years later, he ascended once more, with no worshippers and no incense burned in his name. On the way back from collecting scraps he found a mysterious youngster and took him home. This youth turned out to be the infamous Ghost King known throughout the Three Realms, who could change his appearance as he wished—Hua Cheng.

Kiss The Abyss manhua

Kiss The Abyss

As a rookie game designer, Wang Zixin never imagined that he&#ffcc66;d get sent to hell and back by the game&#ffcc66;s male protagonist. And the only way to escape this death cycle is by crossing into the game and raising Abyss, the game&#ffcc66;s male protagonist, healthily. Wang Zixin: "Not only do I have to go through this survival game, but I have to raise a child while doing so??? This isn&#ffcc66;t even humanly possible..."

Xian Chan Nu boys-love

Xian Chan Nu

Liu Shiqing is a playful daughter born to a family of armed escorts. One time while sneaking out on another one of her adventures, she finds herself kidnapped by bandits. Moments before it all seemed to be over, Xian Chan Nu suddenly shows up and swoops her off her feet, saving her and stealing her heart. This is a story of humans and demons, masters and slaves; a tale of revenge and a tale of loyalty shall is only beginning to unfold.

A Single Strike Of Shimmering Frost boys-love

A Single Strike Of Shimmering Frost

The sickly Sect Master Yun Yifeng peddles intelligence, and Prince Xiao requires his service to investigate a theft. Enticing Yun with medicine that can cure his sickness—something Prince Xiao doesn&#ffcc66;t have—the two embark on a journey to investigate the theft. Something blossoms beyond friendship along the way.

My Boyfriend Got Me Falling In Love manhua

My Boyfriend Got Me Falling In Love

A hot shot in the entertainment industry with a rookie actor? A greasy CEO and an internet celebrity falling in love? No, this is about the sweet love between a stunning lady boss and a popular up-and-coming actor!

My Boss Is A Goddess boys-love

My Boss Is A Goddess

In this world, there are many special, unique, and glamorous people. However, there are those who play a supporting role in these relationship dynamics. Lin Mu was one such character, where he played the role of a wallflower.

Social Outcast boys-love

Social Outcast

Song Yuan Xun is a homophobe with a cold personality. He matched with Fang Zhao Mu on a dating app, but he absolutely detests him. He discovers that Fang Zhao Mu is more clingy than he thought!

Scream Queen manhua

Scream Queen

It is a comedic horror comic that even the faint of heart can stomach! Knowing that she would die at the hands of a female ghost the next day, Zhu Yang was determined to drink to her heart’s content before then. When she woke up the next day, her mind was in shambles because of her drunkenness and her house was a mess. There was a female ghost hanging out of her TV with only half of her body—dead! Her disreputable friends accused her of inhumanely torturing the female ghost to death. Zhu Yang said, ""No! I did not! Stop spouting nonsense! I am as delicate as a flower and I only know how to scream when met with scary things. To this, the female ghost who had thought that her prey was an easy one but was killed instead, had something to say.

The Incapable Married Princess boys-love

The Incapable Married Princess

For the sake of the country, I was going to sacrifice myself and get married off. But the match was also a woman? I thought I was picking her up, but I didn&#ffcc66;t think I was being picked up by her all the time.


Top Weekly Comic

All popular manga titles readers love. Top manhwa titles and top manhua titles for your pleasure.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

martial peak. the path to the martial peak is long, lonely and solitary. you must live in the face of hardship, and remain unyielding. only then will you break through to become the best, and start on your journey. sky tower is testing its followers to train them for this trip in the harshest ways. one day, yang kai, the lowly sweeper, managed to get a black book, putting him on the way to the world of martials.

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

10 years ago, after the Gate that connected the real world with the monster world opened, some of the ordinary, everyday people received the power to hunt monsters within the Gate. They may be known as "Hunters". However, not all Hunters are powerful. My name is Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank Hunter. I am someone who has to risk his life in the lowliest of dungeons, the "World&#ffcc66;s Weakest". Having no skills whatsoever to display, I barely earned the required money by fighting in low-leveled dungeons at least until I found a hidden dungeon with the hardest difficulty within the D-rank dungeons! In the end, as I was accepting death, I suddenly received a strange power, a quest log that only I could see, a secret to leveling up that only I know about! If I trained in accordance with my quests and hunted monsters, my level would rise. Changing from the weakest Hunter to the strongest S-rank Hunter!



apotheosis. zen luo, the luo family&#ffcc66;s former young lord, is now a humble slave whose father died, and a wealthy secta holding younger sister in custody. both physically and psychologically he has suffered so much. but his life began to get better when he found the technique of secret weapon formation in his father&#ffcc66;s book.

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Nie Li, the most powerful Demon Spiritist in his previous existence remaining at the peak of the military world matched by none, lost his life during the fight with Sage Emperor and the Six Divinity monster. Death came but his spirit was then renewed back in time back to when he is only 13 years old. Tests show he&#ffcc66;s the least talented and most vulnerable in his group with the his ability showing a mere Red soul domain. however with the guide of the wealth of information which he amassed from his past life, he quickly surpassed everybody around him. Attempting to ensure the city which in the coming future was being attacked by monster and wound up being decimated while also securing his sweetheart, loved ones who died in battle during by the monster attack. Also, to pulverize the Sacred family who neglected their oath to protect deceiving the city during his past life.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

rebirth of the urban immortal cultivator. chen fanyu died in the midst of the celestial tribulation, having achieved the peak of the world of agriculture in less than 500 years. somehow, following the loss of his cultivation base, he was able to return to his youth as a college student living on earth.

Release That Witch

Release That Witch

release that witch. a male engineer transmigrated and became a prince into another world. this location looks remarkably similar to europe&#ffcc66;s middle ages, but at the same time it looks different? witches do exist and they have supernatural powers too! the power of magic is energy efficient! stop the witches, and unleash efficient forces! clear diagram, battling monsters, crushing conspiracies, scaling the science and technology tree and opening the way for serious &#ffcc66;farming!&#ffcc66;.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

my wife is a demon queen. a normal powerless male protagonist is entrusted to look after the fallen demon queen isabella. depleted of her powers, isabella is forced to camouflage as a human and suppress her regal status. evil masterminds plot to dethrone a powerful demon queen in a medieval fantasy land.

Yuan Zun

Yuan Zun

A teenager holds a pen, while spinning a dragon. Chaos encircles the earth, lighting the sky. Would the python swallow the dragon in this world, or will the Holy Dragon rise? Yuan Zun. A young man plunges into a wild universe with his brush and lights up the sky. For a world where the cultivators are key, is the vermilion bird going to swallow the dragon or is the dragon going to kill anything else?!


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Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

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10 years ago, after the Gate that connected the real world with the mon~

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Sincerely: I Became A Duke's Maid

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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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With the discovery of money through gaming, he rises from the darkness ~

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